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Sudden! A fire and explosion accident occurred in an enterprise in Hebei, resulting in 2 deaths
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About 11:00 am on September 21

Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

Dongguang County East Development Zone

Fire accident occurs in an enterprise

Explosion occurs during the process

The accident caused 2 deaths in total

Factories and enterprises are densely populated

There are many flammable and combustible media

Take precautions from the construction process

To better prevent accidents such as explosions, it is necessary to take measures during the construction process.

In the past detection standards, there was no clear concept of gas spill protection with regional boundaries, and there was no effective detection method. Basically, it is to increase the number of fixed point detectors and indirectly achieve the purpose of preventing risk spillover by increasing the probability of discovering leaks. The existence of this phenomenon is mainly limited by the technical principles and application levels of traditional point-based detectors, which can only be used in a very small detection area of several square meters, and determine the occurrence of leakage through catalytic combustion or chemical reactions for 30-60 seconds. This is not effective for online detection of device boundaries with side lengths of 100 meters and hundreds of meters.

The fixed reflection laser gas remote sensor and the fixed scanning laser gas remote sensor of Hanhai Optoelectronics are suitable for real-time monitoring of gas leaks in factory construction processes.

Fixed reflective laser gas remote sensors and fixed scanning laser gas remote sensors are installed at the boundaries of plants, tank farms, compressors, etc., which can effectively detect the leakage and spillage of dangerous gases. Due to their wide detection range, long distance, and fast response, they are safer and simpler to design and construct than conventional multi-point fixed detectors, and can save investment.

fixed reflection laser gas remote meter

The fixed reflection laser gas remote meter of Hanhai Optoelectronics is a transceiver, with a detection distance of up to 1 kilometer. The response time is only 1 second, allowing precise detection of ppm-level micro-leaks. True prevention of gas leakage monitoring. Compared with traditional detectors that are susceptible to interference from environmental and cross-gas factors, it has strong anti-interference capability. Fingerprint detection, truly zero false alarm. The product does not require adjustment, which can save operating costs throughout its lifecycle. It can detect various gases such as methane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.

fixed scanning laser gas remote sensor

The remote sensor integrates laser control, spectrum acquisition, and spectrum analysis. It launches a laser onto a monitored object in the distance, and the reflected signal is analyzed by the remote sensor to obtain gas concentration data. By scanning the level and vertical rotation of the remote sensor itself, a 360° three-dimensional measured area similar to a radar is formed to achieve coverage monitoring of a large spatial area, with a detection radius of up to 300 meters. The detection data combined with video images allows management personnel to "see" the current detection situation, including the location being detected, gas concentration information, and to detect leaks and locate the leakage point through scanning. Multiple scanning modes can be set, and the scanning path can be freely set. Fully automated operation, no manual operation required. It can conduct real-time online monitoring of gases such as methane, ethylene, acetylene, etc.



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