Laser Leakage Monitoring System Solution for Urban Gas Pipeline Network
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Background overview

To establish an intelligent safety monitoring system for the entire city's gas pipeline network, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy, reliability and continuity of the basic monitoring data for each production and operation link in order to form an efficient and reliable safety monitoring system. Using the most advanced laser absorption spectroscopy technology, it can provide more accurate and reliable monitoring systems than traditional monitoring systems, and eliminate real-time leaked safety data in existing monitoring blind areas, and finally form a reliable data stream-based safety monitoring system covering the entire city gas pipeline network. In turn, the safety monitoring system of the group, each region, and city companies across the country will be built, a digital and intelligent safety management system with centralized management of actual safety data and hierarchical management and control of safety status.

With the most advanced laser absorption spectroscopy technology as the core, products suitable for different scenarios are used to form an overall leakage monitoring system covering the entire city's gas production and operation links. Form an intelligent safety monitoring system combining point and patrol.

(1) Passive fiber laser leakage monitoring of buried pipelines

The passive optical fiber laser leakage monitoring system can perform 24-hour uninterrupted online monitoring of underground facilities such as buried pipelines and insulated joints. Most of the equipment is installed in the monitoring center of the station, and only light sensing terminals and optical cables are installed in the underground part.

The light sensing terminal is a pure optical device and does not require power supply and installation of communication links. No calibration is required during operation, and the life cycle is the same as that of the pipeline.

The system also has: high sensitivity and fast response speed, even a small leak can be detected at the moment the leak occurs; its anti-interference ability is strong without false alarms, and there is no drift and poisoning failure of traditional methane gas sensors.

At the monitoring points that need to be monitored, the pipeline is covered with composite materials to form a small space. When the pipeline leaks, the leaking gas will spread to the light sensing terminal along this space, and the light sensing terminal can detect the leakage.

(2) Non-reflective laser telemeter monitoring of tunnel pipelines

When the pipeline passes through the tunnel, a reflective laser telemeter is installed at both ends of the tunnel for overall monitoring, and the entire tunnel can be monitored only by installing equipment at both ends of the tunnel. The monitoring range of a set of equipment can reach 1KM, and one set of tunnels exceeding 1KM can be installed every 1KM.

(3) Conduct inspections on pipelines that are not convenient for online monitoring

For pipelines that are inconvenient for online monitoring, rapid inspection on the road can be used. In the past, relying on people to conduct inspections was inefficient and labor intensive, so it was not easy to manage inspectors, which caused potential safety hazards due to irresponsibility during inspections. Providing inspection personnel with more efficient and simple inspection equipment will help improve inspection efficiency and inspection quality.

01. Use the vehicle-mounted inspection device for inspection

Equipped with an inspection vehicle for the inspection team in each district, it can realize the rapid and large-scale inspection of the urban underground pipe network. The extremely high sensitivity can detect the trace gas leaked out after the underground pipeline leaks, and can conduct rapid inspection at a speed of 50 kilometers, with high detection efficiency; strong anti-interference ability, can accurately detect in the complex environment of the city.

02. Use electric bicycle-type inspection device for inspection

In addition to using cars as a quick inspection tool, each inspection team can also be equipped with several electric bicycle-type inspection devices. In this way, it is possible to go deep into residential areas, small roads and other places that are not suitable for vehicles, and still achieve rapid inspections as a component of rapid inspections.

03.Using drone inspection device for inspection

In some situations where there are obstacles on the ground that cannot be inspected, drones can be used as inspection means to inspect the ground from the air.

(4) Laser monitoring of the voltage regulating cabinet and the voltage regulating box

Surge cabinets and surge tanks are scattered all over the streets and alleys of the city. Many of them have no power supply and do not have the conditions for installing traditional monitoring and monitoring equipment. They are enclosed spaces in themselves and belong to major hazards. In addition, due to the large number, the use of traditional monitoring equipment requires regular adjustments, the maintenance workload is huge, and the operation and maintenance costs also limit the application.

Using laser monitoring equipment, using the advantage of laser monitoring technology that does not require maintenance, it can work continuously and stably for a long time, without requiring manpower to maintain, and the operation and maintenance cost is extremely low. The device has ultra-low power consumption and can be powered by solar power, which solves the power supply problem. The equipment is small in size and easy to install. It uses NBIot Internet of Things wireless communication to install laser monitoring modules for the regulator boxes and regulator cabinets scattered everywhere to realize online monitoring.

(5) Laser monitoring of valve wells and adjacent spaces

When gas leakage occurs in the valve well and adjacent space, it is easy to form a closed space gathering, which can easily lead to an explosion accident. However, this type of environment is generally humid. Traditional equipment runs in this environment, which is prone to false alarms, which increases the workload of maintenance and inspection. Moreover, the service life is greatly shortened, and the service life of traditional equipment is difficult to exceed one year. Due to the large number of valve wells, the replacement workload is huge. In addition, the technical characteristics of traditional equipment require regular adjustments, which makes the maintenance workload very huge.

Under the condition that the optical cable can be laid, the optical sensing terminal of the distributed structure is used for monitoring, and one optical sensing terminal is installed in the valve well or adjacent space. It solves the problem of false alarms of traditional equipment without power supply, eliminates the huge workload of daily maintenance and equipment replacement, completely breaks the blank state of all valve wells, and alarms the hidden dangers of leakage as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of explosion .


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