The solution of laser monitoring system for surge tank leakage
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Background overview

There are many gas pipelines in the city, and there are also many surge tanks and surge cabinets. Once leaks occur in these locations, it is easy to form gas accumulation and explosion accidents. Therefore, real-time leakage monitoring of these surge tanks is necessary. of. The traditional chemical reaction monitoring equipment currently used has many problems, and the laser absorption spectroscopy technology is currently the most advanced gas detection technology. The laser leakage monitoring system developed based on this can well solve the problems of the traditional monitoring equipment and realize the right Real-time online monitoring of the leakage of the surge tank.

The surge tank leakage laser monitoring system includes the Internet of Things laser methane leakage monitor and management platform software installed on-site. The detector adopts a highly integrated design to integrate the laser emission and control, and spectrum analysis into the module to achieve a complete laser Absorption spectrum methane detection function. The unique modular design can be used as an independent fixed-point laser methane leakage monitoring sensor, or it can directly replace the detection part of the traditional methane detector to achieve product upgrades.

(1) Internet of Things Laser Methane Leakage Monitor

The IOT laser methane leakage monitor is composed of a fixed-point laser methane leakage monitoring sensor and a communication energy management module. It is small in size, easy to install, and has very low power consumption. It can be powered by battery or solar power, and can be combined with NBIot. Networked wireless communication, the detected gas concentration information is transmitted to the remote monitoring center, through the management platform software to view, realize the centralized management of the regulator boxes and cabinets scattered everywhere, and real-time online monitoring.

(2) Fixed-point laser methane leak monitoring sensor

The fixed-point laser methane leak monitoring sensor is responsible for laser control, concentration signal acquisition and spectroscopy. This part is installed in the voltage regulating cabinet 10-20cm away from the top, and is connected to the communication energy management module through its own wire. This equipment is designed for security and explosion protection.

(3) Communication energy management module

The communication energy management module is responsible for powering the fixed-point laser methane leakage monitoring sensor, charging the battery through solar energy, receiving the concentration data output by the fixed-point laser methane leakage monitoring sensor, and uploading the monitoring data to the software platform through NBIot. This part is installed outside the regulator cabinet.

Communication energy management module

The device can collect the gas concentration information in the monitored environment every hour and transmit it through NBIot IoT wireless communication. If battery-powered, in order to increase the battery life, the device will collect the gas concentration every hour. And the concentration data collected during this time period are centralized and transmitted through NBIot Internet of Things wireless communication.

Finally, the management platform software in the remote monitoring center graphically displays the location, real-time concentration data, alarm information, operating status, and fault conditions of all laser methane detectors on the map, and provides historical data that can be analyzed through big data. Obtain the concentration change trend and alarm information of each monitoring point.

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