Laser gas leakage monitoring system solution for petroleum and petrochemical industry
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Background overview

The petroleum and petrochemical industry is a high-risk industry. Combustible gas explosions and poisoning of people caused by toxic gases are the most important safety production risks. These risks always run through the production and operation of the entire oil and gas industry. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve early warning capabilities. Reduce maintenance intensity during operation and improve safety management level.

1. Laser inspection of LNG receiving station and tank area

LNG receiving stations have large reserves and many links, and are extremely risky. It is extremely difficult to control in the later stage of the leakage. It is necessary to find a small amount of leakage in the early stage of the leakage, and early disposal can avoid the occurrence of major accidents. However, traditional leak monitoring equipment cannot detect leaks in open spaces, resulting in small leaks eventually gradually evolving into uncontrollable serious leaks over time, and eventually leading to serious accidents.

Use fixed reflective laser telemeters for multiple networks or fixed scanning laser telemeters in areas where there is a risk of leakage, such as the compressor room, pressure regulating equipment, valves, and pipelines in the LNG receiving station, and storage tanks, vaporizers, BOG compressors, etc. Scanning the entire area for active monitoring can detect early leakage risks and deal with them in time to prevent accidents.

2. Laser detection in chemical park

For refineries and chemical parks, fixed reflective laser gas telemeters can be used to achieve overall coverage monitoring of various flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases in the entire park, and to protect the boundaries of the park.

A fixed reflective laser gas telemeter is reasonably arranged in the vicinity of the production equipment in the chemical park according to the actual environment of the site, and the network is used to monitor the leakage of various dangerous gases.

3. Laser monitoring on offshore platforms

Due to the particularity of the working environment, offshore platforms require a high level of safety, a high degree of intelligence, and a minimum of personnel. The use of more advanced safety monitoring equipment plays an important role in improving safety and reducing operating personnel.

Multiple fixed reflection laser telemeters are used to cover the entire platform, which can actively detect combustible gas and hydrogen sulfide in various working areas, and detect early trace leaks in time.

In addition to the online monitoring described above, a portable laser telemeter can also be used for patrol inspection and rapid detection of specific leaks during daily operation. In the process of emergency repairs, you can also use telemeters to delineate dangerous areas and conduct remote inspections to ensure personnel safety.

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