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Hanhai optoelectronics participated in the comprehensive emergency drill of oil and gas accidents in Shenzhen to help the management of urban lifeline
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On the morning of September 30, the comprehensive emergency drill for oil and gas accidents in Shenzhen in 2021 was held. Qin Weizhong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, was the commander in chief of the drill, and Huang Min, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, was the deputy commander in chief of the drill; Municipal leaders Yu Gang and Wang Youpeng, Secretary General Gao Shengyuan and Deputy Secretary General Huang Qiang of the municipal government, party secretary and director Ma Hongyan of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, relevant units such as the municipal development and Reform Commission, the municipal housing and Construction Bureau and the main responsible comrades of district governments observed or participated in the performance.

The drill was jointly organized by the office of Shenzhen emergency response Committee, Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau, supported by Shenzhen Institute of urban public safety technology, and participated by municipal fire rescue detachment, Futian District government, Bao'an District government, Pingshan district government, Hanhai optoelectronics and other units.


In the gas pipeline accident drill, Shenzhen Institute of urban public safety technology used the portable telemetry laser methane detector of Hanhai optoelectronics for remote positioning and troubleshooting, so as to complete the accurate detection of micro leakage of gas pipeline.

At the same time, daily patrol inspection and emergency rescue gas leakage positioning drill of gas pipeline are carried out through vehicle mounted laser patrol inspection system.


At the same time, daily patrol inspection and emergency rescue gas leakage positioning drill of gas pipeline are carried out through vehicle mounted laser patrol inspection system.

Portable telemetry laser methane detector 

The portable telemetry laser methane detector can realize the remote telemetry of methane gas, realize the remote and rapid detection of areas that are not easy for personnel to reach, and avoid the detection personnel from entering the gas leakage area to be injured.


Vehicle mounted laser inspection system

The vehicle mounted inspection system loads the front mounted and overhead laser detection equipment and Beidou / GPS positioning device on the inspection vehicle. The patrol inspection vehicle carries out patrol inspection along the natural gas pipeline road at 50km / h, which can quickly obtain the patrol inspection track and patrol inspection data (whether there is leakage, leakage concentration and leakage location) and accurately locate, and transmit the patrol inspection data to the monitoring center or on-board tablet computer in real time or regularly.

Vehicle mounted front laser detector

This subsystem is installed in the front of the patrol inspection vehicle to detect trace leakage of underground pipelines within 5m from the patrol inspection vehicle.

Vehicle mounted overhead laser detector

It is installed on the top of the vehicle to detect the leakage of underground pipelines buried under the green belt and sidewalk, which are far away from the driving road of the inspection vehicle.

In this exercise, the product performance of Hanhai optoelectronics has been highly praised by many parties.

Tan Weizhong pointed out that we should thoroughly study and implement the important discussion of general secretary Xi Jinping on safety production, firmly establish the concept of safety development, uphold the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, always put the protection of people's lives and property safety first, and enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of doing well the operation and management of city lifeline. The safety risk prevention and control of oil and gas long-distance pipeline and gas pipeline network shall be carried out according to the standard of advance demonstration. We should adhere to responsibility, system and technology, coordinate on-site inspection and intelligent control, establish and improve an urban lifeline safety protection system with clear responsibilities, departmental linkage, information sharing and coordination, and constantly improve the modernization, refinement and intelligence level of emergency management.

Hanhai optoelectronics is a major scientific research achievement transformation institution of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is committed to accurately detecting gas by using laser absorption spectrum gas detection technology.

The relevant core technologies of the company broke the monopoly of European and American technologies, were jointly recommended by the Ministry of emergency management, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of industry and information technology, passed the appraisal of "domestic leading and international advanced" scientific and technological achievements of the State Administration of work safety, and won MA certification, fire product certification, measurement certification, safety production scientific and technological achievement award of the emergency management department and many other achievements.

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