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Hanhai Photoelectric Beijing University of Chemical Technology double selection will hit the site
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On April 21, the 2023 Beijing University of Chemical Technology event was held as scheduled.


Staff are for the school leadership and students to conduct business, post explanation

At the Beijing University of Chemical Technology meeting, there was an endless stream of student consultation. The school leaders were also present to express their approval of Hanhai photoelectricity. And hope that under the promotion of both sides, to achieve more conducive to interns and graduates into the enterprise job opportunities.

Introduction of Hanhai optoelectronic enterprise

Hanhai Optronics is an industrial enterprise brand of laser absorption spectrum gas detection technology in Hefei Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is devoted to the accurate monitoring of flammable and poisonous gases by using laser absorption spectroscopy gas detection (TDLAS) , which represents the technical level of our country in this field. Hanhai opto-electronics can provide customers with a variety of flammable, toxic and harmful gas real-time monitoring of the security solutions. Hanhai optronics has independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities to provide integrated safety process software and hardware system services for related industries. The company's core technology has broken the European and n technology monopoly, the technology is“Leading domestic, international advanced”, and won the national second prize for Scientific and technological achievements in safety production, mA certification, Fire Products certification, measurement certification, explosion-proof certification and other results.

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