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warmly welcome the group leader of State Council Emergency Management Expert Group, Vice Chairman of National Disaster Reduction Commission Expert Committee, Stat
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October 10th, the head of the State Council Expert Group on Emergency Management, Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of the National Disaster Reduction Commission, Counsellor of the State Council of the People's Sunch'Ang 见 Sunchang of China, and Qin Xukun of the Chengdu high-tech Institute for Disaster Reduction visited Guoke Hanhai Laser Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. , and the chairman of Hanhai on the laser absorption spectrum technology in the field of urban public safety in-depth communication.

Mr. Li Shuguang, chairman and Ms. Wu Chaoxia, deputy general manager of Hanhai, is introducing Hanhai's smart laser sensing equipment and related honors to director Shem and his party

At the meeting, director Flash pointed out that the state is currently vigorously promoting the development of urban public safety, and that governments at all levels and relevant enterprises are actively promoting participation in urban public safety construction, however, most of the solutions on the market are based on intelligent platform system, and lack of front-end intelligent sensing devices. The reliability, timeliness and accuracy of front-end sensing data are especially important for urban public safety construction. The need to acquire accurate and stable data on the front end through advanced sensing devices was urgent, and that was why director Flash and his team had come to Hanhai.

Both sides discussed the topics of laser absorption spectroscopy technology and urban public safety

Flash believes that the laser absorption spectroscopy technology has anti-interference, maintenance-free, high sensitivity, especially in the construction of underground lifelines with the advantages of traditional detection technology can not be compared. The intelligent laser sensing equipment of Hanhai is fully affirmed, and the application and development of Hanhai's laser products in the field of urban public safety is expected.


During the meeting, the two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on the public security solutions and cooperation models of Shenyang and Xi'an, two provincial capitals. They agreed to set up special working groups to make joint progress.

Hanhai will continue to make contributions to the construction of urban public security.

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