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Hanhai optoelectronics, a homegrown force
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On Oct. 7, the U.S. government added 31 Chinese companies, research institutes and other groups to a so-called“Unverified list,” limiting their ability to gain access to certain regulated American semiconductor technologies. This is the United States for China's“Systematic suppression” of the new measures, the purpose is to prevent China's high-tech industry to become bigger and stronger. All-around restrictions on high-tech technology, equipment, software exports to our country, many of the sensor-related enterprises and institutions were sanctioned.

In addition to the sanctions in areas such as chips, the sensor field is also one of the sanctions, and has long been.

In 1996, the United States led more than 30 countries (excluding China) to sign the“Wassenaar Agreement” to restrict non-member countries to export a variety of dual-use of cutting-edge science and technology. Today, the treaty's membership has grown to more than 40 countries, and cutting-edge technology that restricts exports has expanded to 10 areas, including sensors and more than 40 pages and 140 places, it involves acoustics, optics, laser, image, electric field, magnetic field, radar and so on.

How important are the sensors? 

Japan listed the sensor as the first in the book“Technologies Worth paying attention to in the next decade”, and many countries in Europe and the United States also listed the sensor as the key technology for development, and its scientific research results, manufacturing technology and equipment into the national core technology.

Why are sensors so important?

In the national standard“General terms for sensors”(GB/T 7665-2005) , a sensor is defined as“A device or device, usually consisting of a sensing element and a converting element, that is capable of sensing a measured signal and converting it to a usable output signal in a specified manner.”.

For a long time, domestic companies wanted to buy restricted-grade sensors but did not sell them abroad. However, for high-end sensors that could not be produced domestically, domestic enterprises could only bite the bullet and buy them at high prices.

“Domestic substitution” is imperative

In this disadvantageous situation, independent research and development becomes the only way for our country to become a powerful country in science and technology.

In December of this 2021, our country promulgated the law on scientific and technological progress, article ninety-one of the law clearly states that “If the functions and quality of science, technology and innovation products and services produced by domestic natural, legal and non-legal persons can meet the needs of government procurement, government procurement shall take the lead in purchasing such products and services and shall not be restricted on the grounds of commercial performance when they are first placed on the market.” The law is conducive to the spread of domestically produced brands, their growth in performance and the accumulation of industry experience.

Hanhai leads the domestic laser industry

The laser absorption spectrum detection technology is the most ideal gas detection technology, which has been monopolized by Europe, and Japan for many years. In 2005, the technology was designated a major project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and was Chinese Academy of Sciences by the Anhui Institute of Optics and Precision Machinery, part of the Hefei Institute of materials sciences. It took five years to achieve a major breakthrough. In 2010, the Hefei Institute of materials under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hanhai co-founded Hanhai. Since then, Hanhai began the industrialization of laser absorption spectroscopy detection technology.


After 12 years of deep cultivation in the field of laser absorption spectroscopy technology, the European and n monopolies on domestic laser detection have been broken. It was also awarded the second prize for Scientific and technological achievements in work safety and was selected in the State Administration of Work Safety “Four first batch” of safety science and technology projects, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Work Safety “Guide Catalogue of advanced and applicable technologies and products for safe production”, the State Administration of Work Safety “Catalogue of promotion of advanced and obsolete safety technology and equipment”, the National Center for Work Safety Emergency Rescue urgently needs technical equipment, “Hazardous chemicals long-range toxic and harmful gas detection equipment,” one of the four selected units. When it went into production, not only did it bring down prices, it also gradually broadened the range of applications.


In addition, Hanhai has built a range of application scenario solutions around sensors. Such as chemical industry safety monitoring solutions, urban lifeline security solutions, catering industry gas security solutions.

In the future, the localization of the core technology in the sensor field and the substitution of the related products and services will become the general trend. Hanhai will continue to show the strength of domestic production, even hard work, dedicated.

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