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New Voyage to the sea | Hanhai Optoelectronics and Stargate qiyuan signed a strategic cooperation agreement
Editor: Hanhai Opto-electronicsTime:2023-05-25 View:

Right: Mr. Li Shuguang, chairman of International Technology Hanhai (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. .

Left: Ms. Li Dan, chairman of Beijing Starsky Qiyuan Technology Co. , Ltd.


On May 24,2023 International Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. and Beijing Star Qiyuan Technology Co. , Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the Rio Tinto Middle East market, together for the Middle East oil safety production and Operation Escort, since then began a new voyage to the sea.


Mr. Li Shuguang, chairman of Comtech Hanhai Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. ; Ms. Wu Chaoxia, deputy general manager; Ms. Li Dan, chairman of Beijing Starscape Technology Co. , Ltd. ; Ms. Wang Zhaoyue, general manager; and guests attended the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement. 

Beijing Star Qiyuan Technology Co. , Ltd. is mainly engaged in international trade business. In 2022 with the United Arab Emirates Antelope Innovation Investment Co. , Ltd. established in the Middle East, Africa, India and other regions of in-depth cooperation. And with the China Council for the promotion of International Trade awarded the International Commercial Certificate.

This strategic cooperation is not only an in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the Middle East market, but also marks a key step forward for the business of Hanhai Optronics.

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