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Hanhai photoelectric Internet of things laser gas leakage monitor appeared in the National Games to help the urban lifeline safety project
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In the early stage of the opening of the 14th games, Wang Hao, Secretary of Xi'an municipal Party committee, and others visited Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, and conducted a comprehensive guidance and inspection on the safety equipment deployed by Shaanxi chengran company in the Olympic Sports Center in the port district. The staff of Shaanxi urban combustion company conducted leakage monitoring experiments on the laser leakage monitoring equipment (ignited with a lighter) of the valve well and pressure regulating box on site. Secretary Wang Hao and other leaders unanimously praised the Internet of things laser gas leakage monitor of Hanhai optoelectronics. Next, Shaanxi chengran company will vigorously introduce the use of such products within the port area. It is reported that at present, Hanhai photoelectric Internet of things laser gas leakage monitor has been installed in the pressure regulating box in the South Square of Dayue City, Olympic Sports Center, people's daily northwest News Building and other places in Xi'an city. Wisdom helps urban lifeline safety project.

Urban gas safety management covers the whole city, with many operation links, many risk points and great difficulty in safety management. The surge tank, surge tank and valve well are confined spaces, and gas leakage is easy to accumulate, resulting in the risk of combustion and explosion. At the same time, these places are the last link of urban lifeline security and the most critical link to connect urban users.

The 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and the outline of long-term objectives for 2035 propose to improve the level of urban intelligence, and promote the "one map" digital management of urban buildings, public spaces and underground pipe networks and the unified management of urban operation.

The Internet of things laser gas leakage monitor of Hanhai optoelectronics adopts the most advanced laser absorption spectrum gas detection technology in the world, and uses wireless transmission to realize accurate monitoring of methane concentration. It can provide more accurate and reliable than the traditional monitoring system, eliminate the real-time leakage safety data in the existing monitoring blind area, and finally form a gas safety monitoring system covering the whole city based on reliable data flow. The system improves the efficiency of safety management, reduces the management cost and reduces the workload of personnel. Then build the safety monitoring network of regional supervision platforms, regional supervision platforms and urban supervision centers to realize the digital intelligent safety management system of centralized management of safety data and hierarchical control of safety status.

According to the trial report given by the company, the detection sensitivity of Hanhai photoelectric IOT laser gas leakage monitor is high, and it can find some small leaks that are difficult to find with traditional equipment in previous manual detection. Its accurate monitoring data improves the safety monitoring level of the surge tank.

Through all-weather real-time online monitoring, it makes up for the defects of manual periodic detection in enterprises in the past. The equipment does not need calibration, with stable performance and durability. The equipment is powered by solar energy and can operate for a long time. The management personnel do not need to go to the site regularly for later maintenance such as battery replacement and calibration. The original regular inspection mode is changed to intelligent on-line monitoring. Greatly reduce the management cost and improve the safety management level.

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