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“Zhi qi jing · Shu Juhe Jia”| Hanhai Optronics was invited to participate in the 2022 Jiaxing Investment Promotion Conference
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20 September 2022, li Shuguang, chairman of Hanhai Optronics, and Wu Chaoxia, deputy general manager of Hanhai Optronics, were invited to attend the “Smart City · Smart Harvest” 2022 investment promotion conference in Jiaxing and the smart manufacturing (Beijing) Industry Project Docking Conference. Under the guidance of the Jiaxing Xiuzhou District Government of the People's Republic of China, the conference was jointly organised by the Xiuzhou District National high-tech Zone, the Hanhai Jiaxing National Innovation Centre and Chuang Hing Dynamics Group.

As a representative of the leading equipment company, Ms. Wu Chaoxia, vice general manager of Hanhai Optronics, shared the development of the company in the field of laser spectrum detection.

Wu Chaoxia, deputy general manager of Hanhai Optronics

Hanhai photoelectricity is an industrial brand of laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) gas detection technology in Hefei Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is dedicated to the accurate monitoring of flammable and toxic gases by TDLAS, it represents the technical level of our country in this field.

Hanhai opto-electronics can provide customers with a variety of flammable, toxic and harmful gas real-time monitoring of the security solutions. At the same time with independent R & D and manufacturing capacity, can provide comprehensive safety process software and hardware system services for related industries.

The core technology of the enterprise has broken the technical monopoly of Europe and . The technology belongs to“Domestic leading and international advanced”, and won the second prize of National Scientific and technological achievements in safe production, mA certification, Fire Products certification, measurement certification, explosion-proof certification.

As an important industrial partner of Hanhai Holding Group, Hanhai opto-electronics will link up with its industrial landing cities, build a shared platform and realize the strong-strong combination, actively promote the pace of local industrial agglomeration and contribute to the upgrading and transformation of Xiuzhou District's high-tech zone.

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