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Hanhai opto-electronics has been selected into the list of technology and equipment urgently needed for safety production and emergency rescue center of China
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On September 14,2022, the National Center for Work Safety Emergency Rescue released the announcement of the evaluation results of the work safety emergency rescue list, hanhai opto-electronic main enterprise, Guoke Hanhai Laser Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. , was honored to be on the list and stood out in the national auditions, become“Hazardous chemicals long-distance toxic and harmful gas detection equipment” one of the four selected units.

In order to rapidly enhance our core capacity of work safety emergency rescue, focusing on the actual needs of work safety professional emergency rescue team, guide the Society to focus on high-quality resources, on April 14,2022, the National Emergency Rescue Center for work safety (hereinafter referred to as the Emergency Rescue Center) unveiled the list of the technical equipment urgently needed to carry out work safety emergency rescue for the society.

The goal of this research revolves around the typical application scenarios of mine, dangerous chemicals and tunnel production safety accidents, in order to solve the problems existing in the functional applicability, operational reliability and mobile convenience of the emergency rescue technical equipment in safe production, efforts will be made to upgrade the level of scientific, technological and intelligent technology and equipment for work safety emergency rescue, so as to provide strong technical and equipment support for work safety emergency rescue.

There are a total of six key research and development projects, they are the research on the complete set of technical equipment for mine rapid drainage rescue, the study on the complete set of technical equipment for mine (tunnel) rapid construction of lifesaving passage, the study on the precise life detection instrument for mine (tunnel) , the small-scale laser cutting equipment for mine (tunnel) , the long-distance toxic and harmful gas detection equipment for dangerous chemicals and the active safety protection equipment for large-scale oil storage tanks.

If the results of the key research have passed the test of actual combat, they may apply to the Emergency Rescue Center for the approval of the first set of technical equipment, emergency Rescue Center to support the following four aspects: first, included in the"National Safety Production Professional Emergency Rescue Team Equipment Guidance Catalogue", recommended to be included in the National Equipment Promotion and preferential catalogue; The second is to support, prove and recommend when applying for science and technology awards, key laboratories and safety emergency industry demonstration bases; Fourth, the R & D achievements in science and Technology Exhibition, emergency drills preferred recommendation.

In accordance with the requirements of the“Guide to the list of key technical equipment needed for emergency rescue in safe production”, the key tasks of the remote toxic and harmful gas detection equipment for hazardous chemicals are: to solve the problems in the handling of hazardous chemicals accidents, after the leakage of an unknown toxic or noxious gas (liquid) , because the nature of the gas (liquid) can not be identified in time, the accident of fire, explosion and poisoning caused by improper or untimely handling of the gas (liquid) , it seriously endangers the life and property safety of the emergency rescue personnel and the people on the scene. To realize remote detection and analysis of the composition, nature and quantity of toxic and harmful gases in the air at the scene of an accident, generate test results in time and transmit data and information to on-site command and control center, long-range toxic and noxious gas detection equipment to provide data support for emergency disposal decisions.” The expected goal: long-range toxic and noxious gas detection equipment can detect a variety of toxic and noxious gases, flammable and explosive gases, volatile gases and oxygen content, according to different conditions of use, can be flexible configuration of detection gas types. The test results can be displayed on a digital/LCD screen for easy reading. The equipment should support long-distance detection, long-distance remote control, positioning functions, response time not more than 15 seconds, can be used in the conditions of -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C under normal conditions. With alarm function, the equipment should have the characteristics of wide measurement range, strong anti-interference ability, low detection error, with wireless long-distance data transmission, waterproof, explosion-proof performance, single-machine operation time of not less than 24 hours.


Guokehanhai laser technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. is an industrial enterprise of laser absorption spectrum gas detection technology of Hefei Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is devoted to the accurate monitoring of flammable and poisonous gases by using laser absorption spectroscopy gas detection (TDLAS) , which represents the technical level of our country in this field.

The equipment has the following advantages:

01 high sensitivity

Trace gas leakage can be accurately detected with a reaction rate of less than 0.1 seconds. At the beginning of the hidden dangers can prompt, will turn the alarm early warning

02 high monitoring accuracy

Can do“Fingerprint” detection, provide reliable and accurate monitoring data, 0 false alarm, completely eliminate false alarm

03 strong anti-interference ability

Will not be affected by humidity, dust, temperature and other gases, can work in a high humidity environment for a long time

04 active monitoring

CAN actively monitor gas leakage risk points, do not wait for gas diffusion to the equipment, change from passive to active

05 no adjustment is required

No calibration, low maintenance cost

This time, Cohanhai Laser Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. was selected as an urgent technical equipment for safety production and emergency rescue to solve the key problem-hazardous chemicals long-distance toxic and harmful gas detection equipment, it shows that Hanhai has achieved a leading position in the industry from technology to device application. In the future, Hanhai will carry forward the concept of Khingan in the field of work safety, based on the principles of science and technology.

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