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Hanhai optoelectronics assisted in the comprehensive drill of "9.29" incident and gas leakage emergency disposal in Shenzhen
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At 16:00 on December 2, after the national teleconference on the mobilization and deployment of urban gas safety investigation and rectification, the district safety committee office immediately took the lead in organizing 14 units, including the Publicity Department of the municipal district Party committee, the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and Longhua public security branch, with a total of more than 200 people and more than 28 emergency rescue vehicles, to carry out a comprehensive drill on the resumption of the "9.29" incident and the emergency disposal of gas leakage in the happy home of Xikeng new village, Fucheng street.

The purpose of this activity is to implement the requirements of the meeting minutes of the general office of Shenzhen Municipal People's government [2021] No. 102 and the work plan for building an all-round "urban lifeline" safety protection system in Longhua District, deeply learn the lessons from the gas explosion accidents of "6.13" in Shiyan, Hubei, "10.21" in Shenyang, Liaoning and "10.24" in Dalian, and improve the gas safety management level, Strengthen the gas safety emergency force to achieve the purpose of "testing the plan in actual combat, guiding actual combat with the plan, and integrating theory with practice".

In this drill, Hanhai photoelectric portable laser gas telemeter was used to detect the concentration of combustible gas in the ground sewer manhole cover and rainwater pipe network inlet around building ABC of happy home.

Portable telemetry laser methane detector is based on laser absorption spectrum gas detection technology (TDLAS), non-contact measurement, which can realize long-distance rapid detection in areas that are difficult for personnel to reach, accurately determine the leakage direction and quickly find the leakage source. The equipment can make the operator do not need to be in the dangerous gas environment, greatly improve the safety of the detection personnel and reduce the labor intensity.

01 remote active telemetry

The remote active telemetry monitoring mode does not need to contact the detection gas, and the detection distance can reach 150m.

02 high sensitivity

Portable design enables easy remote scanning of leakage risk points. The response time is only 0.1 second, which can accurately detect ppm micro leakage.

03 strong anti-interference ability

Compared with the traditional detector, which is easy to be disturbed by environment and cross gas, it has strong anti-interference ability. Fingerprint detection, truly achieve zero false positives.

04 simple operation

Color LED and full Chinese operation interface are closer to users.

05 long endurance

With intelligent battery management technology, the product can last up to 16 hours.

06 long service life

The product has good stability, no need for regular adjustment and maintenance, and the service life is more than 10 years.

Hanhai photoelectric laser absorption spectrum gas monitoring products truly achieve the sensitivity, accuracy and reliability of gas detection! Escort the safety of people's lives.



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