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Hanhai opto-electronics was invited to attend the 2nd petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Science and Technology Conference 2023 and Science and technology innovation exhibition and oil ref
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202310-11 May, the 2nd petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Science and Technology Conference and Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition, organized and 2023 by the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association, and the oil refining and chemical equipment anti-leakage technology exchange conference were held in Qujiang, Xi'an. Cohanhai technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference.

At the meeting, the relevant units exchanged and discussed the experiences of scientific and technological innovation in the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry, the needs and requirements of the petroleum and petrochemical industry for equipment innovation, and exchanged and displayed the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, it provides a brand-new idea for the safety development of petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Ms. Wu Chaoxia, deputy general manager of Guokehanhai Laser Technology (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. , was invited to share the"Application of laser microleakage detection technology for dangerous gases in petrochemical industry" with the participants, an effective solution to the pain point of gas micro-leakage monitoring in safety production and operation of petrochemical industry is given.

Ms. Wu said that the traditional gas detection technologies, such as infrared, electrochemical and catalytic combustion, are now widely used in the petrochemical industry, there are some problems in these technologies, such as passive detection, regular adjustment, strong environmental interference, false alarm and missing report. And the laser absorption spectroscopy technology has the detection uniqueness, can accurately and quickly detect the required detection of leakage gas, its characteristics determine the advantages of laser products such as no false alarm, no need for regular adjustment, strong anti-interference ability. 

At present, more than ten domestic enterprises can provide laser products. It can be divided into four categories: the first category is the Chinese Academy of Sciences to undertake major national scientific research projects of the technology transformation of scientific research results. The second is the overseas imitation technology brought back by overseas returnees. The third category is the university teachers lead students to research technology provided to enterprises. The fourth category is their own non-r & D capacity, OEM sales.

In early 2010, Hanhai established a joint venture with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to industrialize this scientific and technological achievement, which has lasted 13 years. Cohanhai company represents the technical level of our country in this technical field and has won the second prize of National Security Scientific and technological achievements. It is the leader of the industry and the maker of product quality standards, is our country in this technical field only has the international competitiveness enterprise. In the same industry, the real-time monitoring of safe production gas leakage in petrochemical industry has an absolute advantage.

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