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Continuous red blood Compose the glorious chapter of the times
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Welcome the centenary of the party


On July 1, 2021, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Hanhai optoelectronic Party branch's preparatory seminar was held in Guoke Hanhai laser technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Shuguang presided over the meeting.

  At the meeting, Li Shuguang, chairman of the board of directors of the company, reported the implementation plan for the establishment of the Party branch of Yiqi service port Tongming Lake Branch, and put forward the guiding opinions for the establishment of the Party branch committee in accordance with the constitution of the Communist Party of China and the regulations on the work of the Communist Party of China and grass roots organizations of state organs. At the same time, all Party members and employees were organized to watch the centennial celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

  Comrade Li Shuguang said that "the special meeting for the Party branch preparation of Hanhai optoelectronics is at the centennial of the founding of the party, which is of great significance to Hanhai optoelectronics. The centenary of our party is the centenary of fulfilling the original mission, the centenary of laying a solid foundation, the centenary of creating brilliance and opening up the future. From the founding of the party, to the founding of new China, to the earth shaking reform and opening up, to the new world since the 18th CPC National Congress, the party has united, relied on and led the people through a series of difficulties and dangers, creating a series of human miracles that can shine through the Annals of history. For more than ten years, Hanhai optoelectronics has been adhering to the concept of strengthening the country with science and technology, and the mission of building a healthy society with laser technology, so as to help the safe production and operation of cities and enterprises with laser technology. Today, we are holding a special meeting on the preparation of the Party branch. In the next step, we will strive for the establishment of the Party branch. Easy to get at the beginning, hard to keep. On the road of great rejuvenation, Hanhai optoelectronics is responsible for the revitalization of state-owned technology and domestic brands. As a leader in the field of laser monitoring technology research and production, Hanhai optoelectronics laser products are industrialized products of national major scientific research special achievements of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The technology is "domestic leading and international advanced", and has comprehensive advantages in many aspects. We should bear in mind the course of the party's struggle, continue our spiritual blood, drum up the spirit of marching into a new journey and a new era, do a good job in the current work, strengthen our social responsibility, and achieve the unity of learning, thinking and application, knowledge, belief and practice. Hanhai optoelectronics will, as always, devote itself to the development of laser industry. In the new journey, we will be more determined and more conscious to remember our original mission and create a better future. "

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